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When your business plans call for wireless site development in Northern California and Nevada, you need a partner with the knowledge and expertise to expedite your site acquisition and zoning needs.  Progressive PCS, Inc. specializes in wireless communication site development.  Our experienced staff associates have worked in all areas of Northern California and Nevada — saving you time and money in planning and achieving your network expansion needs. 

Each staff associate is
Northern California based, maintains relationships with local jurisdictions and zoning departments and is skilled in negotiating lease contracts to your advantage.  Site acquisition professionals are equipped with digital cameras, Blackberry wireless email devices, and laptops to quickly and efficiently communicate with you the client and other team members.  And, with a small, dedicated team, you are ensured that your project gets the attention it deserves. 

Familiarity may breed contempt (as the saying goes), but it can also help you avoid the pitfalls a lesser level of experience may bring to your project.


Progressive PCS, Inc., is a Christ-centered company.

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